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Google+, 5 myths

google+-rich-snippetsWell, Social Media Today got it right with this one. When it comes to the ever changing web, one thing is true, Google is leading the way for what you see, and how you see it, and Google+ is becoming a real serious part of that. In order to maximize your exposure on the web, you need to be on Google+, and this article tells you a little bit of the reason why. BL Ochman gives you the 5 myths about Google+, a great read, and opens up possibilities you may not have thought of for your marketing.  Read it, and then get to work making your Google+ experience the best. The article is here : http://goo.gl/Zjadqf. Enjoy.


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Trust in Business

Recently dealing with a company that is low on trust and high on promise prompted me to write a post on trust in business. I wrote the post and left it, did not publish it. I was upset at how personal it was, and how it really made me feel betrayed just reading it. I needed time to get past the emotional side of dealing with un-trusting and un-trustful people. Low and behold, I was looking at LinkedIn today, and here it was, exactly what I was looking to say, said better, with less emotion.

Please take a look at Joel Peterson’s (Chairman of Jetblue Airlines) post on trust here. It rings very true to me, how about you ?

If you want to attract, and retain the best talent, and maintain a quality business, make sure Trust is foremost in your character and that of your staff.



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Ya, Don’t Screw it up !

When I saw this it really struck a cord on how much dumber George figured we got as we grew up !

I first saw Star Wars when I was 10, and then again at least 5 more times…. needing to help a buddy do papers to afford the movie tickets.

It was the coolest thing I had seen… ever.

In the years to follow, I made stop-motion Star Wars movies, I made live action Star Wars movies, I made the MAD magazine Star Wars “Empire Strikes Out” with live and stop motion. I was a master model maker (especially my 6ft long star destroyer) and a master costume designer and builder (Darth Vader and jawas were the best ones).

Then the worst thing that could happen, did; George introduced CUTE to try and capture a new, younger audience.

I will not even talk about the prequels, they were crap, and besides a great 2 on 1 light saber battle, had absolutely NO interest for me, or millions of others. I especially hate the lack of real dialogue.

This video sums up how I feel as well. Go for it JJ….