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Management Rules – Old School

It isn’t very often you read an article that really can inspire you to “buy the book”. This one is one of those though. Written by Ryan Holiday, and featured in Forbes, this short insight should go on all CEO’s walls as their personal and corporate mantra.

Read it, I hope you enjoy.

Only resolution you NEED !!!


It has been a while since I had seen anything this blatantly critical towards the latest generation of ‘business’ people. Good short article from Dayna Steele.

It’s pretty sad, that this has to be said. Where are the days of ‘your word is your bond’ ? I guess those days are not cool, ‘cause nobody rolls like that no more, except for people over 40, and they are OLD and irrelevant !!!!

Short and Sweet about Steve Jobs


Everyone has an opinion on Steve Job’s, and frankly, while I know he was a genius, I always considered him more of a refiner than an inventor. Similar to the Japanese who will refine an item to the n’th degree, and make anything better, they never really invent something totally new.

I just read an excellent article from Malcolm Gladwell online at the New Yorker that really goes into it on this side of Jobs that I am glad I am not alone on.

Malcolm gives a few examples, and provides insight from the biographer Walter Isaacson, including a famous back and forth between Jobs and Gates. Classic.

Give this a read and see what you maybe need to re-classify your opinion of Jobs.



I was reading a friend’s blog this morning (, and it struck a chord with me. I am a trusting person, and if you ask people I know well, too trusting. Has it caused me problems in business, YES, has it caused me problems in my personal life, yes, am I going to change, hell no !

Why ? Trust is a precious thing that we need to survive, both in our personal and business life. Choosing who and when to trust, and how much to trust is another matter completely, just remember, you have to trust someone, sometime…period !

When it comes to business there is an old saying I keep handy  “The least trusting is the least trustworthy”. How important is this ? It is the only rule you need to remember. In the normal course of business, if a partner, boss, employee or client does not trust you, be wary, they are thinking of all the things they would/could do in your place and how to defend themselves.