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Movie Morning Review


Ok, 30 books, and 3 other movies later, it looks like I am going to finally get a GOOD Conan. Can’t wait to see this one !!!


Looking better. I was never a huge fan of the Green Lanturn, but this MAY be the ticket back to some interesting childhood times. Another MUST see for me and the boy.


OMG, now I sound like one of the kids, here is another one I have to see this year – X-men First Class. Looks like it will be a great story along with the action.

Goodbye dear friend.


It is very hard for me to write this, and I am not totally sure what to say. I struggle. Yesterday was a happy day for our big girls, their birthdays to be exact, but your passing put a bit of a pale on it for them. I do not want to make it worse, but need to say goodbye. I want to tell you all things you mean to to us as a family. You are gone now, but certainly not forgotten. Never will that happen.

I remember the day we picked you, after lots of discussion around  ‘the large one’, ‘the girl’ and all the other options, it came down to your cute freckled face. We knew then you were for us You were a bundle of fur, happy and curious, and full of spunk, a funny little puppy trying everything for the first time.small bear

A little later we got to pick you up, and you quickly became the new baby in the house. The look you had when you saw the back yard for the first time was priceless, and your walks were more of playtime than anything. Chasing the cat was a favourite pastime as well, didn’t you know you would never catch him ? It was fun to watch, that is for sure.

Then you grew, and Grew and GREW ! How the heck did you  get so big, so fast ? Especially when we wee told you were a bit on the small side (or at least that is how I remember it). Topping out at over 140 pounds was a bit unexpected, but it just gave us more of you to love, and as you matured, you became even more loveable.

big bearA big, chubby, cuddly beast with the appropriate name of Bear. King of the house, stealer of couch, all around nuisance whenever food was around. As much as we hated picking up after your midnight garbage raids, or your muddy paw prints made us angry, one look and you were forgiven. You do know we could see you when you lowered your head and tried to sneak by with a tissue or scrap of food ?

I will never forget the first time (and come to think of it every time after) you got to go out in the snow, and ran your snout through the fluffy white stuff looking for who knows what. I think you were happiest frolicking in the snow, it showed on your face.

How proud of our Bear we were, you could tell us when you had to go out (with your bell) and when you wanted in (with a leap at the door, making it shudder), you were a friend to everyone who mattered, and quick to defend when you felt things were not quite right.  The most perfect pet a family could have.

You are gone now, taken well before your time. We love you and we will miss you more than you could understand (I even cry while writing this).

Goodbye dear friend.

Surf Saturday

Ya, I know, it has been a bit since I had a chance to write. Too much work, too much other things going on. Had a chance today though, just a few minutes so thought I would share a couple of movie titles I have to see.

Both of these are based on Graphic Novels, and frankly, I think I will get them first, and see how they translate.

Cowboys and Aliens –



Priest –