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Work …?….?

Spent a lot of time this weekend looking at some of the social media stuff for work. That movie last week certainly got me thinking. Need some more time in the Day to get that and my actual selling work done.

Review of roople.com was good, and buybattle.com looks like a great new concept. Need to keep tabs on them.

Time for bed, work tomorrow, all revved up for a great week, 2 deals (small ones I know) and a lot of contact to restore.

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Holiday Over…..

The holiday is almost over, and the girls are heading back to school. Miss them already. Little girl hit her head and hurt her neck. I am sure no concussion, but still worries me a bit.

Awesome Turkey day yesterday with the family. New tradition  started with a football game out at the park, whole bunch of us, and it was fun. Looking forward to next years.

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Great Start to the Day…..

So, there I am, crawling along the 407, when the light goes crazy, 185…150…120…78…35…6


By this time I am off the road, and on the NARROW shoulder. Go to change the tire, and the jack buckles when a truck flies by (so much for emergency brake), and I’m in the middle of putting on the spare. Truck falls down on rim of spare, thank goodness, not on me.

Hope for a better day tomorrow.