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Registration Done, and Done !

Well, finally got all my registrations done for Trainer course for son’s hockey this year…. should have been more on the ball, but summer just was too ’involved’ for me – no work, stress, etc…

DONE now !!

Also finished Refereeing course for hockey this weekend – let the booing begin. Level I, need to find a level II course this fall and get some gigs in.

OK, now time to work ON the bar… promised self will finish basement by birthday next year. Gotta get moving.

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Game Day !!!!

Canada vs. US – IIHF Junior Championship.

If this is anything like the New Years Eve game – What a ride!!! In all truthfulness, if it is, I think I will be a bit disappointed, Canada Played like crap, and the Us played their best game. If Canada plays their best, then this will be a blowout- so lets hope Canada brings it, and put a real beating on the US. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful precursor to the Olympics ?


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Almost there ! – where ?

It is almost time for Christmas, and I am actually looking forward to it this year. My lovely bride has almost everything ready, and I only have her for a couple of small things. Little bit different this year with my bro coming by with the kids only, but hey, it is the holidays, and whatever works, as long as the little ones are happy.

Hope o do some more work this holiday and get some stuff here cleaned up…. yeh right… oh well, can only dream. Really need to get the email post system working.

Talk soon, Survivor final episode this evening.

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RE: Remote addition

OK, this is too cool. Cool for an old guy like me I mean. Email a post, and
it goes on the net, WOW. I think this may even let me keep myself updated on
a regular basis. How great is that ? Too great.

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It is November 11th again, time to remember all that have gone protecting our way of life. Interesting how that is used, we say it, but does it mean anything any more ? I heard an NHL player speak about how they signed up as a matter of course. The stars, the regular players, traininers, everyone went. Would that happen today ? ya right ! Think about it, and remember how honourable these people were.