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Best weekend ever……. well almost.

Just spent a weekend up in the Huntsville area with a bunch of high school friends. It was the wife and I as well as the young boy. None of the girls wanted to come up.

It started out as a rough trip up, weather being the main obstacle. Whiteouts, slick roads, and a bunch of crazy truck drivers that thought they were on a Florida road in august. At one point, it was all I could do to ensure we did not get hit from behind, while not hitting the vehicle in front of us, avoiding the speeding trucks beside us, all while only being able to see 10 feet in a blizzard in the dark.

Fun wow, next year I go up early.

Once we arrived (last as usual), the fun began. Not the wild fun of our youth, but a more relaxed fun bred of familiarity and the comfort that comes with being with people who know you.

While I could drone on about the weekends events, the laughs, the quite moments, I only really want to point out the absolute serenity felt in the presence of true friends. Not just some casual talk at a party or over dinner, but real, relaxing comfort.

Something I will not forget soon, and as I look back, there are very few weekends that can compare.

Thank you my darling wife, friends. Looking forward to next year.

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