"Sissies" indeed !!

Well, even though it is a U.S. based article, outlining what he perceives is a U.S. problem, John Mariotti makes some great points that we here in Canada need to heed as well.

Published on Forbes online, A “Generation of Sissies”  is a concise  look at the coddled Generation that has been created, and that threatens the prosperity of America.

I remember a TV show late last year that showed this generation in an even more unsavory light (parents having to help manage all aspects of college, trying to negotiate a job for the kids – and then helping them on their first day of work, etc). It certainly showed this generation as a bunch of sissies. When I remember the name, I will post it, all new parents should see it.

All new parents should read this article as well, lets make sure Canada does not fall victim to the ‘victimized’ as much as the US seems to have.

Hold yourselves accountable, demand the best from educators, and create REAL consequences to teach your children the lessons they need to be happy and successful their whole life, not just until they are 18.

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