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So, another year older

Another year older this weekend. Not a biggie, but still another year gone and not too much closer to being ready for retirement — ya right.

Spent a great weekend with the family, an NHL game with the boy, and some ice time with just the boy and the oldest girl. What a great morning that was, a whole rink and only 3 of us on it.

Never gave my birthday a second thought until the wishes came in on Saturday through facebook and email, made me a feel a bit old. Not old in the way you feel like the end is near, just old as in warn-out. Too much on my mind, too many things on the go, need to get a hold on things. I think that one I get things moving in the right direction on a more consistent basis, everything will be alright. Life will slow down again.

Simplify seems to be the trend these days, and frankly I think that may be the way to go. Make a list, and start from the beginning. Just like when I started in business, write it, do it, stroke it off the list.

Done and Done. New year, New mentality, New list.

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