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Testing a Theory

I was in a meeting with a company today, and they were very happy with what we had to offer. In further discussions they were also looking to avoid any social media problems with a blogger as per Canadian Tire a couple of months ago (where a blogger managed to get CBC’s attention and started a news story).

As my boss and I discussed it afterwards, what is there really to avoid with social media ? This CT issue was strictly a one-person complaint that CBC tried to stretch into a story. Was it even a valid complaint – I couldn’t tell, this guy could have been a crack-pot who had a vendetta for all I know, and frankly there would be no story there then would there ?

So the question becomes, even though the media is there, through the internet, to have access to everyone on the net, Does anyone Really Listen ? If not submitted to CBC would this have become a story ? I don’t think so.

It is still a VERY rare thing for a story to become big enough on the internet alone to affect a large Brand, unless it is a technology company that makes it’s living on the net (ie MySpace). I truly believe the day will come when this is not the case, but for now, it still takes ‘mainstream media’ attention to make a real dent in a brand, or make a story ‘known’.

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