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Time Travel REAL ?!?!?!

The Story below ended up in my email today. I don’t have time to really decide, but I think I would see something different if I were to go back in time.

cel phone user

Does the above screenshot prove that time-traveling exists?  According to filmmaker George Clarke yes, yes it does.  The screenshot comes from a six-minute long film taken of people attending the premiere of The Circus, a 1928 film directed by and starring Charlie Chaplin.  The clip (which can be seen below along with Clarke’s interpretation) shows a woman holding what appears to be a cellphone to her ear as she walks through the shot.  Clarke believes that this is clear evidence of time-travel.  However, a number of obvious problems with his theory immediately spring to mind:

1.  Cellphones weren’t the first small, rectangular devices invented that were designed to be held against the ear.  A number of hearing aids were manufactured in the 1920’s that were roughly the same size of a modern cellphone.

2.  Unless this is part of a larger conspiracy involving numerous time-travelers, who exactly is she talking to?

3.  If  you traveled back in time, why would you go to a movie?  Thanks to the invention of tapes and DVDs it’s no longer neccessary to resort to time-travel to see a movie you missed in the theatres.

Then again, Clarke says that he’s shown over a hundred people the clip and none of them have come up with a more reasonable explanation than time-travel, so who am I to argue?


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